Anyone thinking of treating themselves to the PS5 later this year might want to consider adding a new Sony telly to their shopping basket too. The Japanese technology firm has just announced a lineup of its iconic BRAVIA TV series that that are officially branded "Ready for PlayStation 5". It's only a little later than we anticipated that we'd see new 4K TVs bearing the "Ready for PlayStation" name on the shelves, but with Sony pushing ultra-high-def and HDR on its products they have been quick on the uptake. With both Bravia and Bravia HDR FHD models confirmed to hit store shelves sooner than most expected, the PlayStation 5 release will become the wide-anticipated hardware refresh that many hoped would come to most home screens this year.

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Imagine owning the complete 4K Bravia HDR TV series:



PlayStation 4E399E









PS4E929E (2018 model)One of the world's leading television brands, Sony Electronics has just wrapped up their annual press conference in London and given the world a glimpse of plenty more amazing PlayStation hardware. In the highly anticipated "Ready for PlayStation 5" menu they seem to be yet again breaking new ground with a series of televisions that promise a massive 47 inch high-definition HDR display. Sony's full list of TVs that are the current PS5 gaming masterpiece include the multiscreen PS4E392E (where they say you'll get 2 HDMI ports), PS4E391E (lots more HDMI accounts were revealed too), XE48UM338-30BR, XE48UM846-30BR,, XE48UM623-29BR, XE48UM79i-R/E, XE46UM648-30BR, XE46UM239-30BR, XE46UM779-30B, XE46UM662-30BR, XE46UM630W-27BR, XE43UM252-30BR, XE41UM880W-27BR, XE40UM262-TVP, XE31UM266 and XE30UM260 , among others. In Japan, Sony's "Show Room" in Akihabara opens tomorrow, the company said the following fellow fifth failed to deliver all its promised features:


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