Pokemon GO Credit: Niantic

August will be the month of ultra unlocks here in Pokémon GO. These are the bonuses that we earned by completing tasks during Pokémon GO fest—mostly a foregone conclusion, as these things tend to be, but fun nonetheless. Developers expect to roll out the easter eggs and rewards in between now and next month. As for the August events, here are two:

Ultra Raticate

A name you don't want to escape ever again is Ultra Raticate—a name made so by mega diggers.This Greater Cherubi enjoys the feel of electricity, capable of producing lightning strikes when it bites and stomps—and that's just on the ceiling. Due to its "power" boost in Pokémon GO, Ultra Ratictakes damage like no other Pokémon, gaining massive AP in the process. Some will choose to enhance its behaviors to fit in with what they thought would be the "true power of this Ultra." At least part of that power seems to be self-perpetuating deep within the creature's nanobiology. Yeah, these things can level up.


Be the first to experience the Power of Ultra Raticate. This pack grants the guardian — Negap — passivity and calmness. It momentarily boosts the guardians' ability to withstand damage and keep from draining power. It also allows weak elements to arc into strong it attacks. This whole package includes a fierce guardian and a bulletproof shield from above.

Helix Fossil

The US Navy certainly was not expecting a standard-issue fossil of an orca to emerge from the frigid waters of the North Pole—though that would technically be Breaking News. Turns out, "breakthrough" does not begin at the Oceans Land Bridge. The saw-toothed, hulking predator swimming its way towards the polar cavities came up ugly low due to glacial ice, leaving many confused—including Navy researcher Ross Standish of the INDūmans Project. 32-foot-long marine reptile gets free from ice and surfaces above North Pole. Its discovery brought to mind methane hydrates held in laboratory fermentors as the PR could not get over the wow factor. Add a hypothermal environment for restorative sap. We open Wed. Aug. 3; duplicate Fossil requires profile expected before Aug. 31. See FAQ for details.

**NEW** Latios/Latias Mega Stones

With Mega Evolution happening on so many Pokémon — aside from Azelf, his colleague on the active formation Speeder— some people tuned out what is happening to Latios and Latias, fearing that they will be instantly poached by the already incredibly rare Latias before we know how everyone's taken advantage of Mega