iQOO is Vivo’s sub-brand and it has already announced a handful of smartphones since its debut last year. However, smartphones may not be the only product we will be getting from the brand based on recent trademark applications. Below is the latest one that it has filed: And we must say, this one is nothing but eye candy, with the title "iQOO MODEL SAM2" and "MODEL SAM2 COLOR" since it features a Samsung GALAXY S III lookalike metal body.

As you might notice, we can say that this is true for both the image and the title of the filing. On the title, we can find both the legendary S III similiar looking serial number and the logo of Vivo.

What is interesting, applying the satin paint on this iQOO comes at stretching it out contracts thatth basically any company that does business with Samsung might come across the same aesthetic specs.

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