OnePlus Nord packs a stunning design and some brilliant features for £379

With the OnePlus Nord, the Shenzhen-based company has returned to its roots and released a smartphone with a design and dizzying list of features that doesn't seem possible given the price tag on the box. If you've grown slightly disillusioned with OnePlus in recent years, as the company has increased its smartphone prices in a bid to bring features like 5G and 90Hz high refresh-rate displays to market ahead of more-established players like Samsung, Huawei and Apple, the OnePlus Nord is confirmation that OnePlus hasn't forgotten about what made it successful in the first place.

Since its release earlier this month, the OnePlus Nord has launched globally on the module supplier firmleon, confirming that OnePlus is back with its history. All of the new features mentioned above are built into the OnePlus by default, and you can get other skins to customise the look and feel of the smartphone, including Nokia Black, Samsung, LG and Huawei do-everything shells (think Essential too).

The OnePlus Nord's stainless steel front panel is accentuated by some elegant curves, topped by a pop of colour from the ceramic body and a standard monochromatic AMOLED 5-inch screen. The back panel of the phone features a blackened metal finish with the word OnePlus in white script.

Our reviewers were quite fond of the OnePlus Nord's design and B&O Play certification, which ensures protection from drops and dust with a silicone body. The screen is sharp, with a resolution of FHD @401 ppi with a pixel density of 535 ppi; under sunlight, the screen produced a nice, vibrant colour of the Night mode.

Sony Xperia XZ~ Premium feels life-like on a 4K display

The 2,830mAh non-removable battery feels sturdy and provides longevity, making it easy to get through the day with a single charge. Of all of the phones that feature the same size removable battery silicon as the OnePlus, Sony has catapulted its Xperia series into the upper echelons of the flagship premium price bracket. The bass-filled Sony Xperia XZ~ Premium is until recently only available in Verizon stores locally, and also seems unique to them at the moment.

Using a slightly downgraded Snapdragon 835 chip, Sony's flagship offers more performance than the first tried at the OnePlus 2, but of course it has a larger 1080p screen that supports the powerful HDR1000 feature. Portrait mode has been launched and it now looks spectacular with a simple but effective implementation. Settings like the management of the brightness, handheld hotspot and home screen time-out are also present; it is a solid decision to restock such a strongly-received feature from the latest Xperia models. Lastly, push to talk has been introduced for Android 10.1 (Oreo).

Pro level features make for something special

The absence of 32GB of storage in the OnePlus 2 was something that brushed all of the review teams concerning its flagship status. With the OnePlus 3 also updated with a MicroSD housing, the OnePlus 3T may have finally given the original OnePlus