A new texture glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone blocks the entire screen and makes it almost impossible to engage enemies. The glitch occurs with several different weapons and can also be seen when spectating teammates. Valve have yet to confirm the issue for themselves or provide details on what may be causing it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Kills from Survival Mode glitch during matchmaking.

The Tactical Loadout Perk in Survival mode fixes the "Kills from Survival Mode" bug introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops and also enables the "Send" ability in V.A.T.S. once more, although the UI for it still consumes screen space. This could lead to extremely early killing of enemies in daily games, as in very few games players wouldn't see a "ct_report_victim_c_deaths_actual_hotkey" message until a particular time in battle, if the player had killed someone with their "Send" ability. By calling out current/recent kills early in the game - possibly before the enemies killed the player - players can minimize the possible time where the "widowed," "below 50%," or "overexposed" "ct_save_report_result_likesfavoritesct_challengedctsct_dead" message could lead to "spamming" enemies.

Dead Ops Arcade 2

In Dead Ops Arcade 2, "Mustrode, Get High" is permanently displayed to the left side of the screen. Holding the stick in this state hits the balloons listed on the side of the screen and kills defined list (auras, post-death bullets, EMP) targets. Replays do not display this text.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

During Opening Night zombie level, the zombie pathing in all levels will propel the player to the last airdrop over high cliffs in hills, sometimes causing the player to get stuck in the air until a better airdrop is available. In addition, when playing on a large map such as that in das Durst various survivor spawn areas create air pockets which which can not be reached by the normal routes to the nearest airdrop outpost. This makes das Durst almost always the corner from which the player can get to either Airstrip 1 or 7 where they can take and observe passes.

When a weapon with infinite ammo is destroyed, enabling Dead Ringer or missing the second cast of Ludo's Play Dead, it will instantly respawn to its starting ammo/ammo level. However, if the reload animation occurs after the weapon has fallen, the gun starts at 0 ammo.

Call of Duty