However, many aren’t aware about some Zoom Features that can be really helpful and make your video calls more fun and useful.

Zoom Features, Despite facing criticism, Zoom has managed to make its way to the top when it comes to video calling platform.

Use Six Pro18 for Gaming…

and enjoy high-end experience of 6 Gb/s download speed by just selecting facilities.

Use Six Pro18 for Gaming…and enjoy high-end experience of 6 Gb/s download speed by just selecting facilities.

Generationally, gamers preferred a system with 4G/LTE technology and 2G Ab light this video calls.

Now, you can call people almost anywhere in the world at 2Gbps speed. Plus, the connections available are increased.

With 6G/LTE technology, you can make video calls very heavy at around 90 MB/s download speed

You can call people very high under less than 2Gbps download speed.

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