OnePlus in-house Messages app is now available to non-OnePlus phone users. Any Android user can now download it from the Google Play Store and use it on their device. The app let you send messages to other friends, identify who sent you a message, add photos and video chats, change numbers, and much more.

You can visit and download the OnePlus Messages from the Market access page.

2017 HOFEST Photo Gallery

KURT MARTIN U wasn't the only Willie Mays to have a highly entertaining career. From acting stints on television to a Broadway debut, our "Mays" will always be remembered with admiration and affection. Whether it was playing Harry Rosen's Grandpa on "Cavallari & Holmes", appearing on "Life" in "The Nick Offerman Movie Metastar, or more recently, Ross Standish on 30 Rock, "Mays" went all in and made for some exciting times on the silver screen. Below is a cl...

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