Google continues to work on improving Google Maps and on Wednesday a "COVID-19 layer" started rolling out. With this layer, users can see areas where the virus is spreading and it is coded by color based on the number of people with the coronavirus in each region.

Google provides this data for free. The new capabilities will help in pinpoint what areas of the world are the brunt of the threat.

U patches specify soft India infection is 17 shutdowns from Sanyear. He also this week inaugurated a helpline for a community of Indians affected by deep-rooted fear that they are targets of Ebola. The helpline has been set up by the National Institute of Epidemiology and Blood Transfusion and on Wednesday was set-up from a licensed office.

According to Health Secretary Glenn Davis the vaccine is already available in the world's biggest pharmaceutical company PLC PlexusPacFocus Vaccines, privately-held Verteltek, Indian drug maker Syntasu and from public funder-Zepharma, South Africa.

Consumers with questions or concerns can also contact Magnitude Contact Centre on 1800-360- 51414.

A senior Israeli lawmaker has declared his intention to run as a city councillor for Mayor of Tel Aviv next year.

MK Alexei Stavisky, 37, who is a member of the pro-settler Kulanu party, told army radio Wednesday he would receive more than 20,000 votes — about 10%.

Leaving aside its implications for the future of Palestinian-Jewish relations in Israel, making politicians out of bloggers risks losing sight of the larger issues of territorial conflict.

When Stavisky's election is announced on July 24, he will become the only openly gay member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, seemingly suggesting a debate on LGBTQ rights is inevitable in the Israeli right.

Stavisky's announcement comes almost two weeks after controversial international blogger Avi Yemini won the Jerusalem mayor's election, becoming the first openly gay person elected to Israel's highest governing body.

Yemini, a columnist for a pro-settler group, gained a majority of the votes and the post in Israel's two largest political coalitions. Police have stated they are investigating Yemini for incitement on Facebook.

Stavisky, a lawyer by training, has been an outspoken defender of Israel's right to control the West Bank and situate it as Israel's capital, despite growing international pressure. In a public letter praising Yemini's victory, he warned that politicians "who aspire to serve in local government must first be able to demonstrate that they can effectively deal with the issues of public safety and public order. If not, they will be remembered as fools rather than