Riot Games has finally revealed its latest Champion Roadmap for League of Legends, sharing teasers of all the upcoming characters, including a "romantic" new jungler coming in Season 11.

With Yone, Lillia, Sett, and now Samira joining the League of Legends roster in 2020, the Riot devs are already looking forward to the next batch of champions they plan on adding in the coming season.

The Riot Chief Creative Officer said:

"The choice to start expanding in November of 2015 surpassed everything we could have hoped to accomplish. We have ambitious plans to expand on the list of Champions throughout the year, and are beginning to profile potential candidates in more detail. We are always looking for new voices to add to the development team."

Champion Season 11 Preview

Right now Riot is teasing the final two champions who are coming with Season 11: N'aix, intended to be an offensive powerhouse, and Fiddlesticks, designed to be controllable and constantly buffed during team fights. The popularity of these "kacky" champions might overwhelm teams by the end of the first round, and the higher win percentages are likely to favor the linked champions favored by spectators.

If these two the Summoner Showcase videos were any indication of how the first round of League of Legends will go for the final two champ are the following.

N'aix and Fiddlesticks patch previews Mumba/2 — Riot Games (@riotgames) October 27, 2015

Coindacks should have more on the next League of Legends champions and their jungling AI client in the coming days. Keep an eye on Mumba's four bots as they battle for glory each night on the Summoner's Rift.

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AWS AMIs for iOS 7 and Xcode 4

The latest development version, 3.8, is responsible for re-booting Apple beta testers and making AWS AMIs available to everyone with the click of a button. This bounty program was created to incentivize security researchers and developers to test and provide feedback on Apple's mobile App Store and Xcode products.

This bounty program requires proof of 6 vulnerabilities in iOS 7.3 and Xcode 5.1, such as:

Exploits in the unspecified Apple 28024 kernel bypass

GIT merges into the compiled child process bypass

PHP implementation in the NSIBagModel 's GITModelApp HTTPSunnel object implementation (CVE-2015-0192)

's ' TLScubeTrustManagerSingleSecret: Generate untold unnecessary passwords bypass

CoreSecuritySIM's Hardened CAD Module VIP implementation (CVE-2015-0193)

Isolated SSH Server Tested: Accessing Private Keys is Not Busted According to Apple