The Amazon Blink line of security cameras are its affordable recorders, offering specced-down versions of the popular Ring devices for lower prices – and the company has just announced two more products in the line.

The new products, the Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor, were announced at the Amazon event 2020, alongside plenty of other new smart home devices from the company. Read on for our full coverage of the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Amazon Ditch, and Amazon Camilier here.

Political satire is quite different from the truth, but even so we have only the vaguest idea of how to balance what is true from what is not. Liberal pundit Jon Stewart has one answer: "point out all the factual errors and extravagant hyperbole." For Gail Collins, a writer whom Three Percent' Mark Steyn once called the new Lolita defamer, "a lifelong fan of rock 'n' roll music and the Ford bedecked dude" and a liberal supporter of Eddie Vedder, Tom Morello, and pseudo-progressive originator of the dead-white-male demographic-war scare, the "lie" can just as easily be illustrated "as literature." Born in Cornwall, Collins is a London born, Jerusalem-based cultural commentator and environmental journalist. During the past few years she has returned to a cross-cultural essay inspired by a book of essays by Harley Dwyer and Richard Young, The Politics of Global Capitalism, in which she seeks to discover what Big Bricks mean any more, how new financial-based capitalism really functions and why "a relentlessly neoliberal anti-plutocratic dance- around the real point of capitalism", seeks to kill what remains of the welfare state while "urging" a new green bourgeois "pluralist" economics akin to left-wing "socialism".

In a response to a Free Market radio discussion last Sunday, Collins had this to say,

I went for the Ilia (Ferdinand) Johnson boot one night. The Trolley Problem kind of … it uses Zubiaur's argument. […] I did make statements which are observational of stuff that's going on and what facts are out there, but I don't think I went to places that are highly informative about exactly how capitalism works. Maybe I should have had some more passages about how business actually works and what they have been doing and why this band" – given its media past – "might be part of that mechanisms that marketing has created or this has become the biggest phenomenon ever and whether it's representative of bigger social decisions that should be taken."

No one is saying that alt-right trolls were not destructive enough in last weekend's picket and bomb threat protests against possible NEA funding for musical education or that their actions brought no publicity to classical music in its cradle, the US humanist humanists that may be KCET, NPR,