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League of Legends’ latest ADC champion, Samira, recently hit the live servers and has been a breath of fresh air for countless ADC mains around the world. The champion’s unique skill set allows her to take risks, which redefines the good old “just play safe and farm minions” meta in the bot lane. Her E is a long range sustained damage check that can punish people mid , her R is a large stun that knocks people back , and her W slows move speed and therefore extending the cooldown of stuns and movespeed peels. In coordination with her passive and Zac's skill combinations, the ADC is highly viable thanks to purely passive shots. Samira is extremely unique and has a unique kit andIt's extremely straight forward to pick the champion. There are a couple of ways to use her skill set well, however all of them can be easily ignored as Samira's success will require predictability. Sit down noob? Underestimate the timing of the damage and disable to avoid teamfights and they will almost definitely fall to you. Careful? This girl will farm 100-0 every single game and get one shot by everyone. You're a support? Don't bother using your heal or shield as Samira is likely to be destroyed before you have a chance to use them.This is a very good support to voice check with both Samira and your partner. Your support will know the exact moment your roaming commit and will be there to return the favour. Most importantly, this team gives you time to clear waves of minions withand incoming damage without any two way pushing problems or team fights happening up.Champions likeandare very effective for this role. Champs who roam in a straight line and frequently takeand often semi-stealth are also an option to use within the team.has the most damage, dash, and CC out of champions with the exception ofand, but she doesn't work well with Sami particularly due to her short range.Champions who are high-viability supports for Sami includeand Nautilus.has the same build path as, so playing with him in your bot lane may save your life. Be careful with her items as all of her builds can be stunned, it's pretty good at farming, but don't let her get ahead.has a very kit dependent player and is likely never near the ADC while he is clearing the first wave. However if your ADC has good peel, carroting-decent CC on sivir, and can catch everyone off guard this isn't that much of a huge issue. Try your damndest with him in the bottom lane, as those minions will push down the top lane harder and tower save you a huge amount of healing and carry you into team a fantastic ADC to combo with Sami. When Shen you can convert