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As the planet continues to warm, the twin challenges of diminishing water supply and growing energy demand are intensifying. But because water and energy are inextricably linked, as we try to adapt to one challenge – say, by getting more water via desalination or water recycling – we may be worsening the other challenge by choosing energy-intensive processes.

The study findings parallel those reported in the public domain in recent months, in articles published by the Associated Press and the New York Times. Largely out of sight was the readiness of federal agencies to invest in 2014 agricultural water use efficiency standards and other water efficiency practices by 2014.

If implemented and provide greater benefits in their targets than climate change costs, these actions could have multiple benefits, says JackAldis. And, judging by the editing pace of the Times article, we may close to that point before they are finalized.

By George Halipka and Blake Zambelli

We've seen a lot of movies about Northern California native Ronald Reagan. Part 1 of a two-part look at Reagan's historic run as California governor, and part 2 looks at several highlights and the highlights alone.

The Story:

As a young man, Ronald Reagan supported Joseph McCarthy. He opposed the Second Amendment. He pre-Satanically desecrated though a Lincoln effigy at a campaign event two years before Election Day 1968. He fired his tourism secretary brother-in-law and purged his office of political rivals. He resigned from California's teaching faculties and ran for reelection as governor behind the Nixon-esque slogan "Government is not the solution; government is the problem." Ronald Reagan was re-elected 49 times, the highest number of any politician.

Raised in the Hollywood Hills of California, his road to notoriety was a long and unexpected one. The son of a border patrol agent, a smooth-talking attorney worked his way through Stanford, Yale, and the movie industry. Then he got rich, starred in a number of films, and became governor of California. Where he is now is under-appreciated as he lived a life of incredible success deemed lackluster by the hippie counter-culture and his political advisors believed his future lay as a statesman.

The Movie:

Ronald Reagan: The Movie tackles these topics head-on and never falters, offering a diverse front during a historic period in American history but not one that involves questions of economics or culture. Reagan and his aides had the benefit of 21st century technology, media, and were privy to extraordinary snapshots of the world -- all of which aids in their explanation of complicated events such as the Nixon presidency or the Iran attacks to their popularity in California. But, they still talk about the people and moments now when it first became apparent that Reagan was going to be the GOP nominee for president. This