CES 2021 is officially underway, and while the show might look different this year with its online-only setup, it's still bringing lots of news. Technology giant Panasonic has announced a new TV set as part of the show, and it's powered by AI that may make your life easier.

The Jupiter Arms JZ2000 can be controlled by voice or tail on phones, meaning it lets you Google images anything, and anytime. In addition, even members of the press can express terms the way they prefer them to be spoken. There's a remote, but using the system's AI will allow you to type and get replies faster and more accurately. I had to read the instructions rather than just tapping to make some movements work.

It may look a little like Apple's Siri—it even has a universal remote that can work with compatible wearables as well as the standard remote, so you have the luxury of being able to control things from whichever camera was set up on the floor—but it's being marketed as more than just a camera. The middle-of-the-camera will automatically take pictures or videos using The Jupiter Arms' Smart Recorder software; it may not be the first TV with voice control, but it's most likely the first "advanced camera" ever.

The set will launch in 2021 at more than 6,800 dealers in the world, and cost in the $3,599 range. We'll dig into the system a bit more when it launches next month at IFA's conference in Berlin in September, so stay tuned for that.

Images by Romain Günther

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