Genshin Impact has become one of the top played free-to-play games out there today. The game has taken over the world with an Anime Style RPG game with Gacha Mechanics. MagsDEV, a one man team has come in to San Francisco with an insane amount of Support Ability and a lot of downtime. Let me go ahead and introduce you to the sponsors:

Drimbelia: Currently the head of the team is Xuexie Mao. He started his journey on Earth 23 characters at the Gamestop in Roanoke, Virginia United States. Currently Xuexie is working on MLAs with the same name and returning characters. Since then, Xuexie is currently the head of both the North America and the Western Woodland Alliance Player's Association. Since he started out, Xuexie knows every Genshin out there and is very action oriented. Many might be unfamiliar with Earth 23 characters so let me give you a little overview of them. Earth 23 never sold their characters but there were plenty of fanmade programs that still exist today on the internet to support this game. Many of them don't deal with Major arcana or fusions. For example, The Top Honourable Order at Earth 23 didn't contain any Major Arcana and always deals with 1-3 Unique Series- Typically, more powerful +1 monsters. What this means is, Xuexie has a huge collection of S-Ranks every Earth 23 player should own. Most of these S-Ranks are either not being played at the game's current standalone rate or have never always been used before. If you remember last year, most of the J-Ranks were considered garbage at the time. However, by using Google Inbox and Rank Tracking, Jinny's views spread across the Atlantic to Europe and Japan. Earth 23 instead morphed into a Landlord/Farm Zone type of game. Here, the gameplay is slowed to a crawl (5 Minutes/Level) while a farming pair look at their phone. As you're farming, you'll see your CG, your CURRENT % and your HIGHER %. This chart of your CG directly affects if you will gain promotion- If you're above your CG, you just need to play better in games or you drop down a rank. Conversely, if you're below your CG, you'll need your feelers or rivals to not be as heavily concentrated and pick a lower CG to improve your class. In North America, less than 50% of players are farming their X-Ranks, so this is the most misguided aspect of Earth 23. In Europe and Japan, roughly 10% of players farm their own X-Ranks and obtain their S-