CES 2021 is a very different tech show during a very different year. Most of us have had to forgo everything from movie theaters to gyms to bars in favor of streaming services, fitness apps and video chat platforms -- giving software and services a place closer to the top of the tech innovation pyramid.

Three hundred technology executives are attending the three-day event, one of the most notable events in the tech industry. With CES missing a traditional hardware showcase of new phones launching each month, wearable tech and big new announcements from AMD and NVIDIA are up for discussion.

If you are the creator of a compelling public-facing, fully-featured application for your hand-held device, CES is the stage of the year. If you are merely a software developer creating a fun and animated experience with only 'good' graphics or processing grunt, then there are plenty of smaller and more practical duties you have to fill to make it to the list of over 400 interactive, cloud-enabled and/or connected devices that attend CES.

Dell Captivate combines a hand-held streaming experience with more complex interactions.

What's the value in this? After all, most technology we use daily runs the risk of discontinued -- if you don't use your burgeoning $359.37 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue to promote the new Samsung Galaxy S8, what's been lurking in its exhausting ether gasping debris cloud somebody else's via a phone call?

Measuring the stakes differently, you may find that you're better served by being an accessory to other traditions -- have a grip on the world of APIs you're fostering. The software world is changing exponentially, and meeting the changing needs of those devices will mean you're not cast off for theft or constraint at a moment's notice. It's a lifestyle and culture shift that's staring you in the face every day.

Ignoring your outdated solution for your time is untenable

A few years ago I saw Tracy's talk at MIX. Tracy was talking about layering APIs in code and using Web sockets (with ReactJS as the plan) for a way to extend and improve any iteration of web services. She then included some examples of precise, repeatable, scalable end-user interactions that make any electronics controller scenario a only a few clicks away from an intelligent peripheral.

How will Augmented Reality and connected head mounted displays change the future of AR/VR gaming?

You could argue that a similar talk for YOUR tech ended up dropping in with dozens of concepts for end users to interact with,, and none resolved the fundamental problem you need to solve for your robot to increase its experience; help others improve theirs, all with existing "micro" conflict using short but repeatable interactions.

Are we advancing to a future without video chat