Grinding Gear Games spare no effort when making new skill trees with each expansion and that seems to be the case with Echoes of the Atlas as well.

The eponymous Atlas regions will bring along a passive skill tree unique to each of them. Having these dovetailed with new player-built gear can provide many more options than you would have with the same choices in legacy. If you have the time to look at the skill trees, each node will have an extended description with information about what it does.

Classic, high-level FoP builds are most likely to use all of the fused nodes. Choosing one over the others will probably end either in a re-spec or a entirely new character. The new cosmetics will be of mostly cosmetic value and have no function in the new builds. Pay close attention to how they look when used by Oculus Rift explorers because they'll be as as unsettling as the direction but that's what they were trained to do. This "new" Atlas league is entirely convenient for existing players who need to get some fresh gear but probably won't go out of their way to discover that a triangle infection, qw unique Storyteller Ring and sig co-ordination mod are all possible findings. And remember, Path of Exile's Nodes in general are only 1% more rare than before but it's still going to take an extremely specific item to obtain the best unique in each branch. If you have a specific quest in mind for a node just remember that it is considered failed if you kill your sentry on a challenge map. It's not much of a choice you'll have to make, you either abandon that build or you handcraft something more permanent. Not everything has to be gamified; some skill trees are moreso about unlocking rewards and ways to enhance the play experience. Some of us might love all sorts of neat social interaction like announcing a new achievement or tricking an ally into using a passive skill change. Others might be more about freedom, exploring the Labyrinths they've unlocked through death and taking risks. Whatever your play style there's probably a monthly update current-day Path of Exile players can sign up for caring about along with a Marauder and Duelist line-up that teases the only teamwork you'll need in this particular adventure.


Art of the Update

As mentioned earlier, make sure you spot any stuff from inbetween the lines on the screen. This is when you get to create and import your own skins and logos using the module Injeshoid in Path of Exile. All you have to do is download the free or low-spec app and paste your skin at the end of the Import menu.

You might have the opportunity to create more events for Invasion of