The following was provided to Inven Global as a press release.

We are thrilled to confirm that leading gaming PC and accessories brand Alienware returns again as the official PC and Monitor partner for the LEC 2021 season, providing the league with some of the finest gaming hardware available, for another year. Our hardware sponsorships have consistently performed extremely well both within the gaming community at large, and within our work with new groups such as breakaway PC Gaming as well as the growing race car series. In conjunction with sponsoring this tournament, Alienware will continue their efforts to provide hardware and entertainment to regionals and another final of LEC, which should be well in excess of 10,000 gamers. Secondary brands collectively stand at $54 million dollars spent.

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Welcome to Martang Lagoon

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Devotees visit Jean-Paul Rappaport, a Russian Orthodox priest of the Danczinsie church, in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he is serving as parish priest (AFP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

Cape Town (AFP) - Hundreds of Russian "pro-gay" activists have mounted what Moscow officials said is the biggest homosexual pride parade in Moscow, before leading prayers and giving scripted speeches at a Moscow cathedral.

Up to 5,000 activists took over the main square in central Moscow for the annual Gay Pride parade on Sunday in what they said was the biggest parade in history, significantly raising the number in cities across Russia to 17.

Organisers said some 2.7-million participants enjoyed more than 450 events on the main street.

Some 5,000 banners and 50,000 rainbow flags were displayed, city officials said.

"There is something highly emotional about this parade.

"The chants in Russia express the mood of