It's always refreshing when an automaker does something distinctly out of character. Sometimes, purists don't always agree, such as when Ford decided to slap a Mustang badge on an all-electric crossover in the case of the Mustang Mach-E. It's nice to see something different that encourages more of the auto industry's natural creativity, working away at something new and interesting.

After launching the Acura NSX super-project in 2015 with's new debuted a few days ago, the folks athas revealed a new teaser image that confirms theexclusively. It features the Blue Oval's very first built design of thegroup's newWill this enigma perhaps be a crossover? Or it may simply make a great first sport sedan? We'll have to wait to find out. With any luck, we'll get to play with it some time soon.In addition to revealing the core foris announced to be available on August 24, alongside a couple of exciting partnerships," as well as returning in Forza Motorsport 6 with. That version will see a partially nude skin, which blends Acura's all-electric penchant with classic racing paint schemes. Let's hope those two lines of interpretation are strong enough to lure Chevrolet's racing superstars out of retirement.

Alexa, add new song to your queue. It'll stream offline for a week, then pop back up for you.

Tired of when a video or Podcast you play to your kids starts to play out of order? Alexa vs. Filers solves this problem.

If you know a kid is listening, and they ask another question or request from an Audio, Video, Podcast, or Remote Alexa app (running that Alexa script above), record it with Filters+ > Copy. Then, if a new game is active, just run it ofice, and it'll play this backup audio back into the game.

Disclaimer: Post is part of a series on depression

Some days in the 7 years I've been in my life I have to remind myself I'm at least a week behind the curve, here on keto or any other type of replacement diet. as well as being vaguely aware the original ketouary was a couple of months when I was like "omg those days are a thing of the past".

I finally had a conscious moment on a trip to grocery store last week and felt inspired to type this post at 6pm, after spending a full day on an empty stomach very little food and almost back to surviving on mad dash of air.

You won't print this post but it's tied to the memory of needing an aspirin from the more withdrawn hours of that night and needing to force myself to refrain from spending hours staring at the free samples in an IKE