Treyarch has released a new performance update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This particular update should be of interest to PlayStation 5 players, as it brings stability fixes for the platform, as well as stability fixes for other aspects of the game.

Additionally, the release notes revealed that the Deep Freeze DLC for Black Ops Declassified will finally be receiving an official release date. Originally set to release in August, we were told to expect the game due to be released sometime in November.

I got to play through the full version of the Canadian Map, guided by the tutorial again. It's definitely a return to the original game mode. One thing I'm very impressed with was just how much]the AI would shoot at me while I was considering taking cover. Often, they would even pull behind cover for a second, allowing my team to charge forward to detonate my grenade.

It's also great to see the dynamic camera again with a bullet-time effect. There was a lot of felt like from the first game, with bullets bouncing on the walls and floors before impacting the actual flesh of the enemy.

Another higher level of polish that I'm hoping to see for Cold War comes in the form of the in-game journal, which is apparently *still* being worked on. This sharp briefing information has burned me in the past with other FPS games and I can't wait to see a collaboration with Treyarch and our own davidghdirts sitting between my demo first impressions and my experience with the Treyarch leadership team for future Starcraft 2

Package-wise, there's a new AI companion in Premium, a new NPC graveyard, improved load times, a revamped level select screen with Navpoint functionality, over 45 new multiplayer matchmaking ranks, 30 custom game backgrounds, and several other minor tweaks.

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