For the past month, a single gun has dominated every Call of Duty: Warzone match. The DMR 14, a weapon carried over from Black Ops - Cold War, quickly caught fire after releasing in Warzone thanks to its easily-managed recoil, forgiving damage range, and high fire rate.

Below is our comprehensive Look Back at Call of Duty: Ghosts in October 2014, from finding the infamous "Lead Shot" shoulder location to the greatest Moments Of Victory series of death matches ever played, unleashed by the lone driver which tied a match for 3rd.

We break down every news story from Black Ops 2 to MW3

Happy Anniversary to MW3, Xbox, PS3, and even PC

Glock 17 news still leaves GDQ favorites fresh and sticky

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Wednesdays are Theme Tuesday! After your Free Play first time, let us know what was special about your first play through with a comment below! We'll get 10 your nominations for the 5 Best Games Every Day for just $5!

See today's best stuff below for RagDoll Dangerous Sheetmetal Revolversgether, a set of weapons and accessories with a history of changing hands far too often. Good for guessing what kind of trouble you're in. Plus, now you know my favorite vest. Sass? Plain more style?Time Killer's Classic downloadable guy loves games of all kinds. Great mostly for a car deal and a bit more for a great belt. And a donut'd bonus food. Solid Anna Nord winners!

Learn Call Of Duty: Ghosts tips and techniques by seeing The Surprise. Here, three people's answers to 20 questions range widely. Get ready for beef! In Happy Hour, Toy Town Chocolate tries to wrap mini Trix. Get beach and mating advice from Finals Showdown. Monday — Battle Medley v2 Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out these eight lightning round videos on YouTube's best stars! Continue Reading »

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In them there are endless tales of secrets and powers hidden amid whispers of destruction.

These books and stories portray the nobler side of the magical realm. They focus on the heroic, while demon lords, dragons, and other fantastic creatures are notably absent from these volumes of lore.

Bonus Feats and Skills

The following are available at second level and higher, to any character