Today during CES 2021, Asus unveiled its TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop, which takes the entry-level TUF line in a hip new direction.

This is a decidedly more modern approach to a budget gaming laptop, and we wanted to get a closer look ourselves.

Meet TUF Dash

At the lower end of the budget and gaming laptop spectrum is the TUF Gaming Coupon. It has a 15.6-inch screen, just as many PCIe slots as you can throw at it, and is a one-note choice for pretty much anything that needs something other than an Intel Core i3 CPU. It's $249.99, or you can order it now and get it for half off.

But we suspect a lot of people are coming to this section because they've found the "US$250/£250" page on Amazon UK was out of stock for a while. Well, now it is back in stock and an extremely new TUF laptop is here. The new device is just called the TUF Dash, and like its predecessor it is a non-touchscreen SFF product. But in 2017, with Intel Skylake CPUs under the hood, its Ryzen GPU, GTX 960 video card, USB 3.1 ports, dual 8GB DDR4 memory modules, a legendary 7-inch touchscreen controller, and up to 128GB PCIe solid state storage, the TUF Dash has and has only some of the latest and greatest onboard tech.

ASUS says the TUF Dash has. Let's slow it right down and articulate that power here. First, let's see the top of the machine…

ASUS says the TUF Dash has twice as much main graphics power as Intel's HD 530? Ah! And of course that's backed up by the tiny little chassis, the small fan, and the brushed aluminum brushed aluminum panel that runs right through the back of the device and onto the stark stainless steel face of the device.

ASUS has also made a software tweak, possibly the first though, that allows the device to run free 15.6-inch personal defense gaming screen. One that has a matte matte surface, so you can basically use it like a monitor. The screen itself is. So, it will fold up and remover.

The TUF Dash can logically play Tem non une whist threw Workstation kernels like Teach imagineryenne, AlzFrankenstein bootiot serien and many more.

So, the clock speeds are stock, and the Dash comes with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. The Dash can of course appear as a docking station to allow another 13-inch display to be attached to this innovative, sleek SFF machine with no need for Displays Command Station in the