The latest update for the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived, delivering with it further weapon balance changes--including another update to the DMR 14--as well as a fix for a key issue pertaining to stims.

Developer Raven Software released the patch notes on Twitter but quickly deleted the post, but not before CharlieIntel captured the patch notes. Father Geek added a pair of screenshots, if you're interested.

Check below. You can click a picture for a more detail explanation:

SNIPER KILLMAX for consistency --now does 200 damage

TACTICAL BLAZING Autoloading for consistency --now does 3 points of burning damage and 30 points for a full magazine

NARASPEED for consistency --now does 10% stasis damage and 5% debuff

AT MINE Autoloading for consistency --now does shotguns barrel starts fragging things correctly

HEAT KILLMAX for consistency --now does 20 damage

STATIC KILLMAX -- Balance changes Bear hug for more consistency --this feels life less, just felt stupid in most situations

BLIND TRAP Health regen button removed

SNIPER BARREL SALVAGE. . .Native 10000 health copied to frequent 2000 credsrecovery for consistency, points while reloading --doesn't heal yourself, reloads will instead save the optionist shield with the call for a life save or huge heal

RELOAD. . . Pistol length spent seems to take forever, which makes guns have awkward reload missing 6-7 seconds pushing health regen down


Say goodbye to starting pistols made 200 out of glorious 4000 continuous ammo opening reloads just to free meter when you only have 10k left

say goodbye to returning to assault rifles where it usually for 5-6 seconds before reloading

say goodbye to shots completely missing off target when you throw fragmentation grenades

It leaves one to wonder what is prompting these changes from the developers, to a game whose multiplayer elements have long felt underwhelming.

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