Is that a chill in the air, or is it just the balloon ghost floating over your head? Niantic is bringing Halloween to January 2021 tomorrow with Drifloon Spotlight Hour. In this livestream you'll first see the new short song "Rift of Reality" and then hear from our newest team member—outside of Hoenn—jelly jelly!

During the hour-long broadcast, Niantic will reveal new items based off of Drifblim, Drifloon, Umbreon, and Unown. You might see some Drifloon Card Alerts and even Emojis celebrating January's occasion, so buckle up!

Everything will start at 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET today, Friday December 10, get in on the action and join the conversation on Twitter! In addition to the livestream, we'll have refreshing music, games, and a lot of Pokémon moons-in-make-up if you are interested in exploring everything the night is going to bring for the US. Here's what we're presenting for ourselves at the end of the evening, though, so enjoy!

[highlight]Driflotys Presentation at 8pm PST/11pm ET[/highlight]

[highlight]ZeMon Event: "Take a Trip to Taiwan"[/highlight]

[highlight]ZeMon Event: "A Visit from the wild Xiaorana"[/highlight]

[highlight]ZeMon Event: "PolyDate: Pokémon Ash & Professor Oak"[/highlight]

[highlight]ZeMon Event: "Pokémon Events Pt. 2"[/highlight]

For those who don't speak Taiwanese, we have a few community creations we'd love you to check out.

If you're curious, the next stop in Taiwan is Taipei 106 where we'll participate in an arcade-style Pokémon game. Since so much of our lives these days are mobile, let's get a champ behind us and explore thinking outside the Pokécrapack.

And that's it for this weekend, until next time! Pokémon GO is only just getting started, so we can't wait to turn it into an amazing experience for you—and our clients!

Dakarree researchers find a new way to combat snakebite

Scientists at the University of Dakar have successfully shown that an infusion of human sweat directly into spinal cords of cluster-headed esophagus (HEC) saoverching snakes eradicates their appetite for blood.

Nagualang, also known as the Unknown Scarab, is the name given to this venomous