The molecular basis for the severity and rapid spread of the COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is mostly unknown.

To do so, a team of HIV researchers, cellular biologists, and biophysicists collaborated to determine the atomic structure of a coronavirus protein. (See Credit: Lead author Mohan R. Bhagwat, University of Technology & Technology of India.)

The combination of the technical innovation of using atomic force microscopy to visualize a curated proteomic dataset and the insights it provides about a genomic disease directs scientists onto novel therapeutic approaches. View the video below to learn more.

China again took a powerful stand on Friday against a U.S. move to punish companies doing business with North Korea, saying that any further such punishment is a direct breach of a decision by North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

The statement by Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang came one day after President Trump threatened tweet freaks that their access to Twitter would stop until he sees "big changes."

The U.S. told six of the world's largest banks that the firms must shut down their accounts with North Korea's Unhad bank. North Korea has only been directly financially supported by its neighbor, China, since 2009.

Lu says in the statement Friday that any asset that was frozen includes "certain financial assets and so on".

Speaking at the University of California at Davis, Lu said China is committed to protecting people and paid no heed to U.S. threats. Lu said the U.S. is waging tough rhetoric to distract Americans from Chinese economic and financial powers.

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A number of other countries, including Japan, the European Union and Russia, have said they would freeze North Korean bank accounts in retaliation for the overseas sanctions.

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