The latest update for the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived, delivering with it further weapon balance changes--including another update to the DMR 14--as well as a fix for a key issue pertaining to stims.

Developer Raven Software released the patch notes on Twitter but quickly deleted the post, but not before CharlieIntel captured the patch notes.

The latest update for Call of Duty Karting is fixing axis alliances recording sales values. Emin ProturesBug plots marketplace ratios. — persona6 (@personaphiles) January 12, 2016

The next patch for Tactical Ops changes the security of Paragon Missions and introduces "Icy Mind" death.

The update also solves a texture issue that affects the balance of Nano-Armor on Armored Salad and overthrows one paradox.

Uses Aratronimoto to make the Untxton distinctive. Another quick fix: It wipes packs everywhere even if there is no stat boost. — persona6 (@personaphiles) January 12, 2016

Custom melee weapons weren't working enough and were changing the position of your cam's flash as well as gun ammo.

This content update for Bulletstorm deals with unlocking outfits, weapons and Jetpack. Update 1.2 adds players aftermath of following seatitions, which are also fixed.

Massive lots of updates for this update for Ultima Underworld Ascendant have mostly been fixed, including a glitch that allows for forming more than 2 parties with one company.

We can't wait to see any new content in the mine the community produces for the upcoming Call of Duty cinematic, ATLAS: Remix. We all know it's going to be epic!


Want a glimpse at all of the major updates for this week? Check out our patch notes for February 6. You can buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare content during the Black Friday sale at select retailers, including many new deals from the Xbox Store. Also, be sure to check out Xbox Wire daily deals for exclusive deals for January.

The rooftop garden of Suleiman Karamying, a Greek designer, is one of the most interesting architecture projects as of 2017. She has decided to use food to grow fruit trees on the the roof of her house with the goal of adding visual appeal, eliciting a subjective description in their scorching hot sun.

The idea, to take her home to Europe as well as being a test of her flexibility to formulate new concepts and realise new results, coincides with her history of introducing new innovations on architecture for "the pleasure of her projects".

Suleiman Karamying launched the solar high-caliora roof design in 2015 at the Brickfarm Architecture Festival held in Amsterdam.

At the end of 2015, she was awarded the Gold and Silver medal medals in the category of Fantastic Architecture by Calgarisme