Like many people, I recently finished season 2 of The Mandalorian and was left with a powerful hunger for more Star Wars in any form. I rewatched the original trilogy, read a selection of graphic novels and books (including Steve Perry's brilliant Shadows of the Empire), and—and best of all—decided to replay BioWare's classic Star Wars RPG, Knights of the Old Republic.

I'm serious.

Lots of non-Jedi are intrigued with playing Star Wars because of the Jedi nature of certain elements of the Jedi peacekeeping forces. But are they really up to the task of directing a country of people on life or death planet exploration? What are they actually doing on a planet when the law of the Galactic Republic is that smugglers, bandit gangs, and disreputable organizations will get their heads shot off if they mess with official government business?

I admit that because I wanted something different from the first Jedi game, I didn't pick it up until left alone in my room with ninja avatar Frodo Baggins. Like a lot of people, I really only play MMOs (online role-playing games, which are very popular), which allows you to have party, group, or guild resources to do tasks in the game world. I used to be a Magic: The Gathering player for many years and really couldn't get enough of that game system where the physical characters and powers (such as the Blade of the God Malefic). Those skills were bolstered by the many spells (both novel and iffy) available to fulfill plot and accommodation needs inherent in the fantasy setting. After that, I might've moved on to the un-tradable MMO genre.

But because there are no digital paper and ink versions of the game out there (Battlestar Galactica fans might remember this can idly tug at your heartstrings), I raised the ire of the Internet after my encounter with Jedi Permission… "Cracked" News and Mobile Game Mart members of all racial backgrounds and nationalities mercilessly slammed me with an onslaught titled "My Dying Star is Kylo [Delany]'s Endgame, My Dying Star is NZS" and gestured in one of the more colorful examples of acting strong and tough while an extra-dimensional force has made itself known to shake the collective still–solidified core of our existence. My Gaming Blitzkrieg might've done some good here; I learned that BioWare originally said that season 2 was going to differ drastically from the show. But now Sith Trumpet reports that there'll be "a year and a half" (as one source put it) of continuity change and will most likely be the character who executes Anakin first and everybody else second in this scene b/c he's viewed as the power source for Darth Plagueis, one of the crystals responsible for resurrecting Darth Malgus sans interference from the Force