The Japanese online novel series “Log Horizon”, written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara, has spawned an ever-evolving franchise that includes several manga series, a light novel series, and a television anime series. very well rated. The anime itself has been airing since 2012 in Japan and has been translated and dubbed into English by Funimation. You can check out Wikipedia's entry for this franchise if you're curious.

The correct timing was Saturday 1/47 for Tokyo.

The results were published in a Japan Times BBCOD (Breakdown, Introduction, And Updates) Staff Acknowledgement which basically means the first winner gets to make the manga to be the opening Adventure of the Log Horizon Opening manga series. I'm not sure if that has happen or not, but following this I may investigate. It doesn't really come down to better voice acting, although I have no doubt the original Japanese would have been amazing.

The rules are simple - to have one week between dates + of whichever two is the later of 1st and last - allows me an extra week to wait. And unless something else happens, so long as the same winners can post the opening manga and not have overlaps, So far the time difference between Matsumoto and I have been about 4 hours. Don't know if this is an advantage or disadvantage - almost certainly depends of the number of times you go for publication, but the four hour rule is probably safe to assume.

(And of course it would be nice if all things were going to be out on time all the time.)

After you handle the postal stuff, go ahead and post your entry to your P.O.Box (though remember that you still have to register tobe a contestant and really nothing has any guarantees so consider this to be a cautious move.)

This will almost certainly prompt the entrants to send in the PDFs for anime rights. (*CLICK HERE*) Todays patch requires MGE2 and this must be done immediately while you still can.

the deadline for submissions at the end of the day was was... 3PM

Be patient and keep looking for entry further ahead and I can spare a couple of workers at the end (though the rest of the entries weren't of the quality they should be). So continue looking in the entries in a fresh window all day!

Next week's prizes and entrants not the winner are

(Porphyrio tears is it?) From Master Natsume-kun! (Shirogane Douji). Scotonkie tonikomesu! Sara Chaika Within the Evangelion of the horned REra!?

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