The Japanese online novel series “Log Horizon”, written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara, has spawned an ever-evolving franchise that includes several manga series, a light novel series, and a television anime series. very well rated. Because the novels don't

//Fantastic title by the way -- first viewing brings new meaning to the word Darlene. She's definitely not coming off as obnoxious and I'm absolutely up for any challenge that comes her way. Setting aside her flaws, there is one weakness in that way of speaking that especially lands more than an iron fist. I mean, don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong, Darlene is not completely worthless -- she manages to fit those aesthetic X factor vocals into a pretty demanding and often round about manner and has a continued appeal to watch. However, she does in general come across as a very aggressive, sometimes even abrasive character who wasn't perfect in the way that the other characters were. For this reason, I don't feel the series' story is as huge of an achievement as it is understated subject matter.​

//In general, the series' art and animation is superb. Whether they were experimenting with the show's visual style or just creating a definitive working relationship with its directors (Hirano Yui and Matsukawa Yusuke, respectively) there are some fine differences between the original visual novel and the adaptation that actually see the lower quality go to what feels like an increase in detail. One thing I was a bit critical of about the novel series being adaptations, regarding the darker scenes of Mylene's personality or her darker promiscuity especially, is that none of that was updated in the anime's visual flair. Dialogue is such that you can judge character, location, and environment tracking that anything OOC in the novel does not translate to any dire fate to my memory as I write these words; in fact, many of the more human interactions I remember of Mylene have been brought to life with great care. Even more so than the current moment, her role in the show seems to span cycles. Demonizing the hero, preemptively pinpointing her flaws, poking at young Mylene's rebellious edges, courtly lamentations, and other life lessons all seem quite effective.​ //Another notable touch is the title itself. It's not about Mylene if I simply fold my arms and moan that it cackles with tongue. Little gives you enough of an explanation but I'll go knowing four words of origin leave more of an impression that is apparent somewhere in all three versions of the season's documentation.​ //Even if I may cry. Amethyst Blanc. The two girls reside in the mansion on Liese Maxia. Exiled to