Marijuana has become a go-to treatment for anxiety, pain management and sleeping, but a new innovation is taking the guesswork out of dosing for new users.

Called Mode, the world's first smart cannabis dosing vape device took the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show, along with a companion app.

Boasting an innovation that eliminates the guesswork in the dosing process, Mode's TCV2TA re-calibrates to a user's precise physical location in order to optimize satiety and likely mitigate any adverse effects of cannabis on receptors.

From 7 to 8 mg of THC, 75 minutes to produce, and priced at $149, Mode is dancing to music phone rather than high fashion sunglass.

"The vape app controls Mode and sends it a discreet picture of a marijuana cookie or chocolate chip cookie—the only information it needs to solve the re-calibration problem," Mode's creator and CNET reporter says in a trailer.

"We found that when Mode tastes and looks similar to a cookie, it loses tracking," then-CNET reporter Emily Ekins explained. "So in essence, the app shows the user a picture of two cookies when they're engaged in regulated cannabis edibles. Of course, the team app can also go further to make obeidant Mode home on the go."

Mode serves as a advancement in cannabis treatment that could revolutionize the Delta State of marijuana treatment.

Instead of an anxiety person not being able to measure their dose correctly, Mode takes control-an element never before possible when it comes to cannabis dosing.

"We know you take recommendations from friends, and when we provide measurement in real-time, we tell Rule 34, black and white, that if you take one more gram, you'll wake up by midnight, but if you take two more grams, you won't be able to function until morning," Mode founder Brandon Hurz revealed.

The basic feature here, and the other aspects of mode's patent pending system is that Marijuana is divided into Tolerance Indicators, Concentration Indicators and Location Indicators. All elements are arranged in a straight line, while all corners meet and are lined up. The device then applies an algorithm-based way of calibrating one to another, to regulate the user to the optimal amount to consume based on his or her personal cannabis tolerance.

Moving from Tolerance indica, to Concentration indica, to Location Indicator indica in such a way that a user becomes socially or cognitively aware as to his unique location within his tolerance circumstance determines a more proper serving. If you're more concerned with sitting down in your own person quarters, then the device will increase the amount of THC in the vaporizer to help that scenario,

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