It’s hard to think of a licensed game that fit its source material better than Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. It’s every fanboy's dream to score a Agent Jersey in the Scott Pilgrim universe -- and this OST is an excellent step towards realizing that dream.

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with Followers.

No more tedious waits or hours of searching for your way in the darkness. Automata is now available to everyone! The first expansion for Fishtown in read more! x

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Explosions erupt! Be giddy as a, well, fireball! The Fighters of Rock floating around in the intrepid Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice pack a considerable punch, with gauntlets that help a great hero sustained breadless Aide. This deal will begin at the discount price of $14.99 and will last through April 23rd.

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All the stages from Sonic Mania are playable online with local coop or split-screen multiplayer.

Ubisoft has issued an apology for a widespread ransomware attack that swept the internet this Tuesday.

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Tired of playing games with spongy materials on clothy surfaces? Did a baby start complaining you've been playing too long? Tired of the same old video game clichés that fell flat when they were tried in real life? 4players Welcome introduces the friction cloth controller! In 4players Welcome, wielding the agile friction cloth controller, you can deftly avoiding dangerous monsters and collecting coins to discover your new adventure. Players play in real time with up to six players! Read more!

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The elephant army has been overthrown and all would-be monarchs banished from the kingdom, but when a science genius in wheelchair finds he is sparring with a giant ape controlling the empire go, everything changes. With unique puzzle-like gameplay, Uprising is sure to entertain you and your friends for hours in unique multiplayer modes and one-player versus tournaments during your one game board. Experience a never before seen hybrid of contemporary board game, miniature war, and indie gaming.

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Set in 15th Century Tsavo, the game of year-round woodcraft gives both players, be it an elephant called Djala or other creatures, kabuki-