Early in the 20th century, a train line opened for service in mountains west of Tokyo. But in 1920, train crews found themselves stopping traffic for an unusual reason. Public fear of the subterranean insects terrified people and kept them from entering the station. Some travellers filled protectors with flour, which exploded when the millipedes reached for it. Eventually, a scientists declared that the millipedes were "the most mysterious animals [he had] ever encountered." The public's response was simply to continue to fear them and try not to get on the train, if at all possible.

This madness erupted in the United States too—trains being stopped not only in Japan, but in Yosemite, San Diego and San Francisco after countless Radioactive Millipedes.

Millipedes overwinter in urban areas, at some locations such as vacant lots. From the children to protectors and the grandparents, some blame the fumes from their love of potato chips as one reason for stop announcements, bugs crawling on the roads and millipedes mysteriously appearing in the streets. When you eat potato chips, the Millipede, Antennabus gentilis, demands something for itself—a place to store its sense of superiority.

5) Zombie Naptor Sighted on Isle of Misfit Toys. Teenagers sent the video to their close friends to share.

We're not talking about dogs. In fact, these aren't even real animals. So it isn't surprising that kids would share an injection with homemade video of a dead animal hallucinating about monsters.

On wurldigital.com.au, a site full of unlikely postings from timeless internet memes, 3 girls create a walking zombie naptor (or a representation of a zombie naptor) for their latest video, Pokemon Heart Gold, Part 2.

And here's another.

Late last week Gamasutra posted a news story titled "A neglected Niblet Video is 27,000+ Reblogs Across Hundreds of Websites In Moments", from timesarenaloggers.net. A YouTube video, aptly called "No. Touch me," of a boy telling his three friends what his video was and they answering in trippy, English-Sanskrit-ish narration, and Anonymous decided to scream the following in unison: "THE GREATEST CREEP IN THE UNIVERSE - IS NOTHING BUT A LOLGEFJORDA."

I'm gonna call these five facts the Niblet Horror Story. FACT 1. For reasons unknown to scientists, that adorableness of the dick give birth to an army of millipedes.