A Massachusetts animal center is seeking adopters interested in caring for a fluffy pet that's not the usual cat or dog, but a tarantula named Gwen.

The animal protection and veterinary medicine charity MSPCA-Angell said on Facebook on Tuesday that its Boston adoption center was on the hunt for people who are able to provide the "careful handling and specialized care" that's required by the spider.

The shelter reported that Gwen is little known to the general public so officials would consider patients who have no prior experience with tarantulas, are in good physical health, and can be flexible in their time commitment.

The shelter said Gwen is a good lifestyle choice because the tarantula is so common and easy to care for.

"We hope that people will please help Gwen by applying now to receive her as part of the MSPCA-Angell family!" said the shelter in a Facebook post.

Gwen was discovered by David Eriksson, a MSPCA Massachusetts Animal Rescue League volunteer, who was calming Bittanot Noor, a 2-year-old house spider.

It didn't go well, according to the charity.

The welfare of residents of the Niagara region will come into serious question after the Ontario Provincial Police say they raided a nursing home in comparison with the last 41 months between 2004 and 2013.

In a news release the OPP first said 45 people were arrested, including nurses, employees, patients and the owner of the nursing home.

According to the OPP the raids resulted in 99 drug offences including 114 counts against the people, 62 of which were charged with possession of controlled substances.

At least 10 arrests were made on June 21, 2013, in the condominium where the nursing home is located.

One resident told the CBC on Friday she witnessed the raid or 45 people who she described as "army coming in to help" from within the building.

As we are told by two colleagues who were in the surrounding part of the building at the time, "multiple bullet proof vests and armoured vehicles came in and the sound of explosions filled the air."

One of the nurses who was arrested told the CBC that police officers calmly then put off whatever they had for hours, so she and others could not hear what was happening over the din of the raid in the building.

Some of the charges being laid by the OPP against a man in his thirties.

The man whose name is being withheld by CBC is charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking across provincial lines.

CBSA interception

"Hundreds of non-violent patients, families and caregivers were unlawfully detained and displaced. The individuals were left almost entirely vulnerable to the threat of violent, severe and predatory crime," said Acting OPP Commissioner Kriste Kiting.

Louis Danly