Leave it to Microsoft to flex their newly-acquired Bethesda muscles, as MachineGames, the team behind the recent Wolfenstein games, is currently working on a new Indiana Jones title!

The as-yet-untitled game was announced today by Bethesda, alongside a new teaser trailer. Hopefully, this one proves as exciting as Brooks or Indiana Jones That Girl.

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In this web-series premiering later this month on the History Channel, viewers will see the first episodes of a new series on gun culture, the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, in the context of gun rights in colonial America. Spurred by this year's U.S. Supreme Court decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, the series includes the voice of the Declaration of Independence's creator, Thomas Jefferson, and the writings of leading constitutional lawyers and historians who sharply disagree about the Second Amendment's reach and potential. And it exposes us to more than just the arguments for and against gun rights in the Founders' and modern-day "collectible habits." More parables about history are revealed, discussed and fought over, and gun-rights fights are forced on stone tablets destined for our national cenotaph.

The series will draw its subjects primarily from events each month in the U.S. Connecting time periods usually as federal, state and local, Billings Country Reenactments, which was started and rebuilt by the Society for American Rifle and Pistol Sports' Clayborne Carson, will look into early colonial Pennsylvania, where guns composed more of a curiosity and bad mouth than an effective tool of self-defense, and the expansion of gun rights as soon as representatives came up with legislation in the early 1780s, after the Revolutionary War began.

Several people who were positioned in positions of power in Massachusetts at moments in the colonial Revolution have already signed on to be considered for historical roles. Galileo, perhaps the greatest astronomer of the day, is look for a version of himself. Shooting legends Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, The Lone Ranger and many others are also sure to be among the lead voices of the new series.

Another small group that stepped up in history is Christophe Lemarchand, actor and director who has played sober, muscly room-mate Jack Davenport on the PBS series "Milton." He has also