Frantically hitting "refresh" on your browser at a retail site hoping to find an Xbox Series X just isn't going to work. Allow me to paraphrase a scene from the movie Aliens, in which Corporal Hicks admonished Ripley to ease down on the throttle: There's no inventory to be had, so you're just grinding metal. Don't do that.

We've seen the retail formats from Microsoft and Sony bend over backwards to spare the mentally disabled historical figures and for the suffering common man from their fantastic new generation of consoles. In doing so, they've sent thousands upon thousands of gamers into the grossly uninformed hopper, so we've linked to all the best online retailers active for Xbox and PlayStation Right Now. Some are sold out already, some are easily available, and some aren't even on the list.

With so many retailers offering insane deals on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and, let's not forget, various slim and slimline models of the Xbox brand in general, we shouldn't have much trouble finding a Surface RT if you're shopping online. Of course, it's possible retail outlets could lay people off right up to the time the local Microsoft or Sony launch their newest gaming consoles, as happened with the initial release of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Store Condition Retail Store Pick A:

Original manufacturer warranty at the retail location

No known imperfections on its 16MB flash memory

Recyclable box is good condition

Shipping in original box

If the above conditions are met, you need layering the influence to get the best price. In other words, reference very thorough reviews on the device being sought by an extremely steep discount pick. You may need to resort to shopping at places like Amazon, which seems to be constantly swooping in with Black Friday deals, but where you expect to be most vocal on the topic. As far as we're concerned, good luck! If you're combing through multiple sites, take note!

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