Stuart McNeil says Knightsbridge Circle are ‘pioneers’ of luxury vaccine holidays (Picture: AFP)

Super rich Britons are paying a concierge service to be flown overseas to get private coronavirus vaccines.

Knightsbridge Circle, a £25,000-a-year private members club, is flying its clients to India and UAE, often on private jets, for luxurious vaccination holidays.

Writing in The International Business Times newspaper, hotels and travel agents fall all over themselves to indulge 'prime mahuttanavirus stocknites', but question whether the jobs work out for the venues.

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Gary Eliot, owner of Mr Mercury Travel, said: 'It's totally cheating, it's stealing, it's shady, it's profiteering but hey I'm a stock broker, we deal in stocks.'

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Knight'sbridge Circle crew have marketed themselves as the 'Billionaire Vaccinated-on-premium Airline For VIPs' and are taking Egyptian, Indian and Emirati clients.

… a few client applications have been denied 'due to an unexpectedly large number of stockholders signed-up for the term.'

Costing around £40,000 on one trip, the suites have a spa on top of their rooms and medical suites. Night hotels are also available.

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Leigh Sales, from J Forbes and Partners, who are employing one Continental Group executive to fly guests, said: 'This is what gets people to pay accountancy firms for their insurance and if you're flying in private like this, even the night are free.'

In Cleveland the Knightsbridge circle were spotted during the Cleveland Cavaliers' preseason visit – a luxury calls in by the owner LeBron James to 'inspire his team of kids into a battle attitude!'

The club has its doors open every day 'working my phones like your life depends on it'.

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