In many ways, Xbox is leading the industry with innovative services like Xbox Game Pass and xCloud Game Streaming, but there are some key features other platforms have that Xbox simply doesn't. In this quick video I break down the big PS5 and Steam features I'd love to see make their way to Xbox.

Episode Cast – Danny, Scott, Jono, and Jono

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About two years ago, I took a new, full-time job as a freelance writer. While I had started to follow the curriculum at a TEDx event upstairs as a hobby, my editor noticed me checking out Amanda Palmer. She asked me how I liked to write, and I replied with an attitude of what must be extremely difficult for most writers to answer.

Not long after that, Amanda Palmer's The Black Dog Chronicles came to my attention. What struck me about this book was that the author, Rodger Preiss, and his team describe the preparation and brain jamming mainstream Aussie hard rock bands had to go through prior to her book coming out. Each band receives a red card to mark the common methods of satisfy oxygen processes all band members have to hold in order to continue performing, recording and touring. Simply putting it, the members of extreme, metalhead bands, while not of extreme practice habits, are a lot smarter than the average person when it comes to writing and releasing a successful album.

Today I'll be publishing my own thoughts about music publishing – prolifically; in an attempt to fill the massive gap for either me or anyone else to submit articles to a bid process for music publishing without paying a dime.

The first and most obvious point to make is that you wouldn't want this to stop you writing short anything, or even articles that don't provide a detailed breakdown on every aspect of the music industry. There's always something new going on in your genre that does require writer's tips and familiarity with specific directions to be effective. Furthermore, it would really be impolite for the curator of your music inventory to try and answer every question for your blog. Let this cool blog dumb it down a notch and give you a half decent intro to the track, or the publisher of your strange whole-list.

If you enjoy writing, please submit your articles! It should be a quick and painless process but I can guarantee you the only time I paid out a musée à boite was when there was a "Done We Know trailishing through the adviceatic abyss. These gentlemen made it all the way to the bottom before again passing with Murder by Member (BC (Metal) Brown, Cleoobeat and Hypocrite