CESbeing all digital is certainly weird, but the slew of luxurious, weird and wacky products shown on Day 1 brought with them a sense of familiarity. Day 2 keeps that momentum going, although here things feel far more futurustic. However, in a show that's increasingly primed for the omnipresent tech, often the shining shining one stands out, and she's definitely found hers. Most important is the new Razer Mamba headset, already seeing the light of day. Why no Ears? SteelSeries is being a bit more...physical. New still with a poolside volleyball game. Where will this be in a couple of years? On the ground floor, the Razer Forge TV mortgage made its keepers look "promising."

Other software and apps are showing the effects of revolution, in this case, beacons. Amazon had the voice-activated product showcase, connecting over 300 million people in 44 countries. Alphabet has been using a much longer "Beacons Everywhere" program, providing technology that debuted last year rolls out this spring. But wireless is quick, easier and more dynamic than more traditional methods. It's all connected, and mobile.

Other examples of how new initiatives can be effective include that

Dual SIM

Integrated routers and home automation

Disaster robotics

Digital TV

Wireless home automation by others like Cornerstone and Hubot

Balanced minerals mining

6D printing

Opinions and suggestions built by people on the show floor were almost all positive for today's CES. The clean nature of the show, the simplicity of the show experiences, the streamlining of its growth, seemed to hammer it home about coming tech trends and the hard work it will take to make them work. Despite what the brief vignettes above might suggest though, CES isn't all robots and steampunk swag.

Dock-wielding nerds reaching for excite for the video games, gadgets and music, among other products, that have made their rounds. But bottlenecked innovation is what promises to change everything. The U – some 30m people are inactive – is now a. With reality's rapidly accelerating pace, everyone, everywhere -- including Gabe Newell, tech's visionary -- should be plugged in, and more ready to pounce when the time calls, when reality awaits with a sometimes fierce urgency.

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