Like most Fortnite skins, the cost for a Predator skin is anyone's guess. Typically, new skins can cost anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 V-Bucks. Others offer $20 to $50 at best.


If you're into customizing your heroes, Overwatch or DOTA 2 is the leading platform. There are 10,850 skins available in the Blizzard's MOBA. In comparison, Overwatch still has 50,940 skins available on the Market. Again, some skins are free. So far, Overwatch has delivered over 61,000 new skins and more than 28,100 accessories to the Market.

Other skin creator sites include the iconic ModDB and the page for Valve's original Counter-Strike. Some actually work well, while others create the same collabs/loot boxes we saw earlier on Market. We're also not sure if any of these sites will keep Blizzard's character skins in stock given the new battleground sharing plans.

Final Word

Placing the skins in the cart and shopping has been entertaining. It will be interesting to see how Overwatch's item system works in the months to come. The characters that we have ranked 1-10 on this battlefield are the heroes that remind you of marketing's most popular characters. Let me explain how I took an icon and visualized all the tweets on Christmas Eve, creating a chronology of the characters that had the largest number of animated tweetheads. This showed how these characters really get the free promotion. Think about it: what better promotional tool than to make sure people talk about your game in tweets? As always, if you have questions, feel free to leave a comment.

From today's Herald:

Su-24 downed by "cockroaches"

This next story from the Herald is troubling, because it suggests that the geniuses at the Pentagon have finally thought of the terrible flaw in these sophisticated Russian jamming planes:

The Russian defence ministry has declassified an unclassified dossier on Syrian US-made jets. The US-made jets are known as the "Qraham" after their manufacturer. Please… this bit of details is so worrying as to be beyond words… The Russian air force has been engaged in several intense confrontations with US jets over the last few days, with reports that Russia's air group was destroyed on multiple occasion by US jets — fighters, bombers, drones, reconnaissance jets – using the old S-300 and S-400 systems. The mysterious SRT-20 president is registered to the US airbase at the Habor Al Sakur base between Latakia and Tartus, which operated the K-27 SAM system during