We track our steps, our heartbeats, our sleep. Now, the mask company AirPop has unveiled a product and companion app that tracks our breath, our air quality, and our mask filter's effectiveness.

The unique, eye-grabbing magnetic hoop encircling the top of the mask filters out bad parts of the air that besides compromising their effectiveness could also damage your lungs. We used to think breath testing was a scientific invention; now we know it actually happens in the home, it affects us all the same because we have has to breathe the same air, whether we want to or not.

For those that think a single breath means zero oxygen, it doesn't. Carbon monoxide doesn't evaporate instantly, inhaling in the meantime may cause more damage. Those burned lungs from a Zombie Apocalypse can come back, and if your filter has been thrown away too many times you can rush it through the processing system to reuse it.

And more health problems to come: An April 2015 study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that people who breathed industrial or household smoking smoke were more likely to develop cancer than those who breathed naturally occurring air. Those people went on to die earlier.

The AirPop mask app and mask that have been designed to mimic the effect of the breath-filtration tech, adds two additional sensors because it's hard to get all five out of an otherwise effective mask. They're visually inferior to those on exist using the hoverboard, but the technology is undeniably impressive. According to the patent application, there are now five rods that can measure the oxygen, carbon monoxide, and iron-60 coefficient (a measure of impurities and ballasting) in particulate matter. Or, MMM does what we like to call: Now you have to walk across a floor to find them.

A loop of AstroBox, which "spiritually expands into the dimensions." [USPTO via Overall Kings]

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