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While we might think of space as a vast sea of blackness, all we have to do is look up at night to see that it's punctuated by countless stars, galaxies and even a few planets visible to the naked eye. Since complete darkness would defeat all of its breathable conditions, space would also have literally billions of "white" objects, which would be the source for all the visual light we see. X-ray space, sometimes called the "stellar nursery," has long been known, but from New Horizons, ...

CBP conducted two firearms buyback operations at Independence Square on February 8 and 13 in response to the Akayed Ullah act to highlight the dangers of firearms in New York. On both days of the gun buyback the number of firearms turned in exceeded 130,417.

To mark this annual event, New Yorkers donated more than 7.1 million firearms to CBP officers today and made over 629,000 calls to CBP critical incident response, more than doubling 2015 statistics. The number of calls to CBP from law-abiding gun owners also increased nearly 50%.

The Department of Homeland Security works closely with state and local law enforcement on gun buyback legislation and the Kindness In Action program. CBP has a history of successful gun buybacks. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a Executive Order in 2012 banning the "disposition of the city's excess and unwanted firearms in New York City at the end of each calendar year." These transactions are limited to the 400,000 guns in our possession each year. This March, hundreds of thousands of weapons were collected in the 'Badges for a Better Future' gun buyback program.

We are committed to keep firearm availability low in New York state, through such events as the February 8 operational event, which geared specifically towards firearms, as well as providing the public with metal detectors, environmental fire safety training, law enforcement homicide teams, Department of Fire Commissioner trainings on officer-involved shooting protocols, and other safety and educational resources related to non-fatal shootings, targeted enforcement and enforcement protocols – all aligned with several categories of highest priority. For more information, visit www.cbpi.ny.gov.

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