Scientists set a record for the highest conversion rate of carbon dioxide at low temperatures with copper-modified indium oxide, signifying sustainable e-fuel.

With ever-worsening climate change, there is a growing need for technologies that can capture and use up the atmospheric CO 2 (carbon dioxide) and reduce our carbon footprint. The answer is not what we have faith do, it's putting it to work with what we can expect in the near future: a low-cost embodied energy in copper-indium oxide feedstock.

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In order to reduce emissions of CO 2 , carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, and iron oxides that contribute to global warming, scientists are developing alternative processes to convert carbon dioxide, water, and energy to mining energy. A promising light-weight, relatively clean source.

The perpetual synthesizer is being developed by not one but two Chinese outfits (the Academia Sinica and Hangzhou Institute of Electronics Technology) - one based in Peking University and the other in Wuhan Institute of Electronic Technology. Chinese news site, China Daily , published an excerpt on the new long cycle nuclear power plant design technology.

In 2011, Carl other made a video explaining a huge solar reactor with a net photo-voltaic energy output of 7.5 TW. The converted energy is produced using cellulose, which can be manufactured into fuel.

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Scirocco Solar Panel Drives in 2014,EuropeanScirocco reports.

On May 31st, B.H. Bore & Co. Ltd., a Shanghai-based manufacturer, demonstrated its Tritania 15 solar panel on stage. The 200-watt panel lowers costs (and carbon dioxide emissions) by 30 percent for flat panels and 50 percent for module packages with improved solar bands, making them about 75 percent more efficient than conventional Tritania. This technological breakthrough was demonstrated at the Reef Wenchuan Investment Showcase 2012, held in Hangzhou, November.

On this very date, an unlikely customer was raising a toast at its Shanghai base -- Fraunhofer Germany, which, with Agilent Technologies, earlier this month opted for a major investment in Scrocco Solar, a company with a base in Moscow that produces innovative, water- and air-efficient solar panel packages, with the capability of lowering cost and greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15 percent.

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