A cloud configuration error at a Chinese startup exposed the personal data of at least 214 million social media users including celebrities, researchers have warned.

The privacy snafu occurred at social media management firm Socialarks, which suffered a similar incident in August last year when 150 million users were exposed, according to Safety Detectives.

In September that year, UI student Bryan Lu discovered that more than 300 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube had been stored in the cloud. A month ago, a users' profile was exposed was OSOne, also based in Yiwu.

The data was stored in the Sesame cloud, the FireEye cybersecurity firm wrote.

"In August, we discovered that Chinese company ZenCloud has just admitted to massive technical security lapseasements," security experts Venkat Balasubramanian, Yann Le Cun and Robert David Graham said in an advisory, adding that except from their email addresses, gold keys or PII of the victims are not at all included in the disclosure.

In October, the researchers notified FireEye, who in turn alerted the Chinese firm to the incident, it said.

So far no hacker else has been successfully exploiting CloudFlare Platform and this ecosystem as it continues to be a global leader in secured communications and content delivery This incident also brings to light the growing cyber threat as many major corporations move toward cloud computing. According to a recent report, Silicon Valley tied for first place in the scale of data breach, comprised of in excess of 5,000 times data of financial groups.Apple and Facebook owners both came under news rays with data leaks, 2007 be behind now, followed by LinkedIn, Sony Pictures and JPMorgan Chase by the 2017.

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