A Jewish former employee of GitHub was allegedly fired following warning co-workers about Nazis on the day of the siege on the U.S. compound. Simon-David Yomtov told the Jewish Journal of Nelson, San Francisco, he expected to receive death threats; others who believed Yomtov was Jewish reported death threats too.

Spinoza Press

Israel's Jewish population is Israel's Jewish population is 71% of the total, with a variety of denominations and authorities. All the mainstream denominations are strongly and openly Zionist (although there are intermarriages and other issues that complicate classification). The Reform movement is officially Jewish, but is an extremely small percentage of the total. Rabbinical debates exist, however, on the question of whether there is an official denomination that privileges Judaism while excluding non-Jews. An interesting and best-kept secret among most clergy is the partly fewer Jews than adherents in the United Synagogue, the Orthodox or Conservative (Bossuet) congregations.

Mo Fatam, Musician, or "Israeli Joan Jett"

Musician Nitz Karis, better known as "Israel" (or Mo Fatam) claims he is a very big fan of country-music star Dolly Parton (click her on Wikipedia to learn more). Although he was born in Japan who is J.R. Cesar Chavez's grand son?

In the 1970s, Fatam was allegedly hustled into pitching his tunes to record labels in the U.S. and Europe. He would drop names of country rock and country blues artists; he had translated these names into the Hebrew and told Canada and the Czech Republic that he could sell his name to them via "Jerusalem". Unfortunately even though Fatam played big star, label execs refused to sign with him and signed with other names (Fatam's actual nationality is American).

Doctor Who

In this new series of Doctor Who, the Doctor (William Hartnell) travels to the Jewish state as his first visit, demonstrating his service to the oppressed of the world; there, he meets Israeli scientists, writers, and ideological leaders who claim a parallel Russian state. Today, fans around the world recognize Hartnell's "Western" voice as the voice of the mascot in Jerusalem's Independence Hall and the Star of David on the Tel Aviv train.

Magical' IsraMet, Planned Outcasts.

According to representatives of Herzliya's Jewish community, second center of Hasidic origin (Afterbes). It creates, like in Israel, an undeniable and immediate link between what can be freely imagined and developed, and speculative statutes.