Alienware m15 and m17 R4 laptops arrive alongside Aurora Ryzen Edition R10

Alienware has introduced two new gaming laptops, the m15 R4 and m17 R4. These models boast a slim design (for gaming laptops, at least), as well as an optional 360Hz Full HD display, the latest hardware, and sleek new color designs.

Both features are coupled with an OLED version of the 7-inch screen, with a resolution of 1940×1080. This display is even the High Dynamic Range (HDR) option, allowing for a wider range of colors and detail as opposed to the normal Samsung UHD TV TN panels used in other 7-inch displays.

On the design front, the new laptops all share a fairly minimalistic design with smooth, brushed aluminum on the m15 and matte metallic surfaces on the m17.

Both of these all-aluminum and matte lines mean that the laptops are not the most premium offerings available in the market, but the overall feel is certainly better than what Alienware has been offering on its other high-cost gaming laptops. The m15 and m17 laptops are built as rugged laptops, and they come with overall Matte finish, which makes them look very stealthy and futuristic, especially sitting in front of other people who are watching your game action.

Performance, Whoa

These devices do not come with quite the top-end laptops in the market today, but they still boast decent specifications, such as Nvidia's GeForce RTX graphics. We will have to wait for our hands-on review, otherwise we have to wait until February 2017 to unveil them.

The two laptops are equipped with the latest 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processors, which represent a drop off in clock speed from HEDT (7th generation) Core i7s we have seen recently. The CPUs are paired with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 GPUs, from the same Nvidia family.

The X-72 series gaming laptops scored 79 and 78 on our Geekbench 4 CPU test, respectively, which enables them to accomplish the tasks we plot in our CPU benchmarks.

While this confirmed that the 7th Generation HM170 chipsets are capable of handling the tessellation, discrete graphics, multimedia processors, and improved CPU performance, other than the CPU tests, the results offered no new announcements.

The M14XR4 R97 13.3-inch can give you stunning Grayscale 1080P visuals, but GP100 graphics result in ample Thermal Throttling performance if you game too heavily, and are unwilling to?the 4X performance penalty.

The M14XR4 on the other hand is powered by the latest possible acceleration from the GPUs, with faster DDR4 RAM and an improved PCH (PCH has dynamic go-to) on the chipsets.