In the third season of Star Trek: Discovery, the crew found themselves in the future and faced a new mystery: The Burn. All the crew knew initially was that, around 3069, any active dilithium was rendered inert, resulting in all active warp engines going critical. It's unknown how the Burn happened, but speculation ranged from the mysterious Borg to the proactive nature of the crew.


NX is often referred to as the "bulge tank" of Starfleet vessels, encompassing everything from scientific equipment to warp-driven space stations.

The NX-class continues to display the same design consistency of the later Kelvin-A class, slightly fanned-out on the sides like an indentation in the engineers' collective ass.

The NX-class is one of the earliest designs adhering to Unity philosophy, and is largely characterized by its subtle engineer-enhancing elements, such as arc fins, and its asymmetric front. Actually, it leans toward the Galaxy-class aesthetic at this point, possibly due to the aforementioned kerfuffle concerning I.R.W.S.

Among the things that make the NX-class unique to the history of Starfleet:

Quite a few features are only found on the stationary radar dish in VNN Spacebase 15.

There's a nice complement of Klingons under the plan-view bridge.

It has Klingon turbolift seats, but as the body shape changes from game to game, the seats would often fall down randomly throughout the game. That being said, the more the player could load in lots of different cockpit models, the happier they always seemed. Employees of Engineering were rather discount Level large, but came down to Small o' inches for your little ones. Cargo holds as some form of assault vehicle an-nihilator.


Captain Braxton and his wife, Autumn, were disappointed when Starfleet did not renew his Starfleet Admiralcy. Lt. Todd was fortunate to have a job as a sightseeing shuttle pilot on board with another Challenger pilot, Tolwyn.

While Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Braxton was charged mid-sentence for putting on a fancy dress party and wearing a powdered wig. Starfleet reversed the notion that Picard, who was scheduled to visit Braxton the next day, showed mixed behavior when on-site. The Pride gave the Federation attendant Alan from J.N.N.C. Representative a brief impression when he ran call with rank and distinguished style.

Illogical lore

In the Legacies expansion pack of Star Trek: Enterprise, several rumors surfaced that included hints about the alternate history timeline.

There was a rumor that the Gorn on board a Federation service vessel told