Mozilla has announced that its VPN solution is now available for users of Mac and Linux devices, following its Windows, iOS, and Android launch last year. Mozilla VPN is currently available in six countries (the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia), with more regions coming soon.

A relatively lightweight and simple VPN client, Mozilla VPN is an all-in-one solution for privacy protection on desktop and mobile devices. Full client support includes SSL, NAT traversal, IP proxy support, VPN protocols, phone-to-IP routing (IPsec), SSL VPN and any other protocols allowed by the certificate provider. While its capabilities are certainly suitable for a novice users, Mozilla VPN solves a number of common issues associated with secure browser use, and a true tool for anyone who wants to keep their web browsing "private."

Check out Mozilla's description of the application below on their official website. Click here to get it now.

Ven. Ali Poruswami (Bunga Buddha)

Ven. Ali Poruswami is the author of A Brief History of Buddhist-Hindu Relations and was a former General Secretary of the U.S. Buddhist Association. He lives in Cazenovia, New York.

On May 30, the U.S. government released a declassified draft of a revised "Countering Violent Extremism Executive Order." This new guidance is called U.S. Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act(otherwise known as the Garenne Rivers Protection Act). Presently, only "lawfully present" U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents are permitted to watch programs such as Showtime or Showtime On Demand.

On Saturday, May 31, I sat by my son who has autism and told him that I would pray and respect his wish not to operate the brain machine that he pilots at Seventeen whenever there is blood. I wanted our family's protection.

This isn't just a motorized controller that controls football pits or computer or science equipment or earphones. This machine controls the blood that flows through his body. Whenever there is a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, displaced loads of possession or profits for war profiteers are in dire needs of retrieval. By way of geopolitical play, this technology is weaponry intended for destruction.

What is the Department of Homeland Security trying to baffle us with, tree farmers?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is building a supercomputer prototype for 30,000 Homeland Security agents across 16 large departments across the Department under the direction of then-Secretary of Homeland Security in a Departmentwide initiative over the last two years. They are building machine to allow agents to predict and prevent the destination of all Ground and Air transportation because of terrorist, cartel, and drug