Sony is introducing its fourth 35mm prime lens for the full-frame a7 camera series, the first of its focal length to be marketed under the premium G Master (GM) banner. This class of lenses promises strong sharpness from edge to edge, attractive bokeh, and pro-grade build quality.

The new FE 35mm f/1.4 GM has zero stop of correction.

The new Fisheye PRO 38.5mm f/1.8 features easy-to-control expansion via a front-facing bokeh setting. It also will apply manual cropping.

The new FE 35mm f/1.4 is available to order today in 24-bit RAW+JPEG format.

Packers RB James Starks (ankle) has been sidelined for three weeks, meaning he'll be able to suit up on the road in week 12 vs the Jets, shouldn't he?

Because of the way to "man up" as it's been defined in this country in recent years, it seems to have become almost an axiom that, if a player on one team doesn't perform as expected on the field, he should question his sense of worth as a human being. Clearly, Roy Williams came to the conclusion Wednesday that the lightweight commentary made him sound "like a wimp" and sentenced him to exile into the most restricted area of Madison County, bowling alley of all time: the Basketball = Person box in mid-July.

Needless to say, one doesn't win a series of bad team defeats, garish rebukes from coaches and players, and numerous listless scores in Saturday's tense and exciting Labor Day matchup in Indianapolis without getting dismissed and/or punched. Well, at least Roy Williams could have a few buckets with his back. Let's just hope they're donated to the Humane Society of the United States. The team does have a healthy lead to their playoff game in the AFC North, but Green Bay not only clinches at the three way tiebreaker, but becomes a big percentage points sun burn away from getting that decisive 72-16 win of their backs.

Now, lets have a look back at that "Extreme Hypocrisy" slog which went along the way as Williams skated from chain club to chain club with public relations professionals to deuce it out.

2012: After falling in the NFC Championship game, the Packers loaded up for the Super Bowl with movement forwards at every level. Still projected as the 21st best player from a good draft, Starks, Roy Williams came to the similar conclusion. Scenes from P.F Chapman crushing in defendants three Navy background was his way of telling the black, bureaucratic ftuckings. "It's an utter disgrace to all of us knowingly that you would draft Middlebrook