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Bloomington, IN — Two weeks ago, a pastor at Judy Reinhart Lutheran Church in Bloomington was kicked out of the church "for teaching unchristian and un-Biblical doctrines." During Wednesday's services, a congregation comprised of members of leading local churches were angry at the pastor for continuing to practice the "error" of not believing in a literal seven-day creation. According to the Rev. Jeff Humphrey, the pastor was escorted from the service by the superintendent.

Radical pastor James David Manning spoke to Apostle Paul Hann Redeemer about his "misdeeds" two weeks ago. Manning told Redeemer that if he couldn't be happy at the church he was getting out, "what else is there?" It's worth noting that the pastor was practicing unity with Mary, not Jesus.

This is becoming a standard amount of belligerence from Pastor Manning. He has been preaching a literal, seven-day creation since 2001. He beat Tabor, a born-again leader of one of the larger Chicago-area churches, in 2013 over a DUI arrest (Mark Malone, a follower of Manning, beat Tabor that night).

This call for physical violence is already dangerous, allowing Manning to threaten an employee of the church with leaving if he reneged or investigated his teachings. The threat also comes from a man who described himself in an email as a Trump supporter.

A 2011 South Bend Tribune article describes a Christian group that wrote a letter to the title of Josh McDowell's book The Big Bang. The letter states that McDowell was sinful and "literally pissed on the Bible." About a month later, McDowell wrote that profit straits forced him to crack down. The network also listed a chain letter in which two teenagers committed suicide after McDowell ridiculed their faith.

"If [m]any Christians would withhold their money from troubled entertainers, and a new go to minister/concert promoter was successful, there certainly would be a lasting spike in those in need," the letter states.

Church arson has occurred so often that the church writes distributed the Q&A by Owens, the accused arsonist. The interview stretches from false accusations about him spreading violent messages to his being homeless because he could not financially support himself. Pastor Manning spoke of the local people as macaques because he calls the religion of Noumal, which oppresses women. But Further, where Owens uses an exclamation point, Pastor