ZOTAC has unveiled its mini-PC, albeit one that has an 8.3-litre case.

The ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ONE mini-PC has all the hardware you'd expect from a desktop card if desktop hardware were as small as heard.

"The ZMAX PCIe card is no exception to this rule," ZOTAC teased in a press release.

"Enjoy your games and work without compromising the size of your system. It also sports dual GTX 1050Ti FE graphics power for fast video and graphical performances.

"With the ZMAX Card, you can punch through any game and enjoy high-end graphical experience while running Hearthstone for all its graphical glory."

ZOTAC says its ZMAX card can process active flows of data approximately two to four times faster than standard Nvidia graphics cards, accounting for the above figures.


And for our $1,000-a-piece shots you'll notice that this is going to be a custom graphics card, and the Zmax comes with extra goodies.

ZOTAC's graphics card has 4 GB of GDDR5, 211.2 GB/sec of memory bandwidth, and supports graphics and audio routing via a USB 3.0 interface. There's also a Killer Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter.

"Working with our ZMAX NSW if you have ASRock or GIGABYTE desktop motherboard TODAY you are getting an amazing gaming card at a sweat-pumping price.

"You can toss your old graphics card in the bin and get a stunning ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ONE the whole way/simply pick-up the ZMAX Card. Cheapest and fastest mini-PC to date."

Price and availability

Not surprisingly, ZOTAC has launched two variants. On the hardware side, the cheaper unit has two DDR4 RAM slots, supports liquid cooling, and is essentially a pure graphics card. The flagship version has three, and, as with most new Minis, will utilize a fancy cooler and "high air flow" cooling. At the same time, hand-wringing over air-powered video card models, such as the GTX 1050Ti, might not necessarily be the case.

ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ONE mini-PC - $1,000 (does not include GPU) More details: ZBOX MAGNUS ONE 8th Gen mini PC. Form-factor meets a brute performance with GPU performance built into glass. High airflow cooling system, Intel Core i7 8700 and GTX 1050