Genshin Impact has become one of the top played free-to-play games out there today. The game has taken over the world with an Anime Style RPG game with Gacha Mechanics.

The Free-to-Play Archetypes include:

Urban Fantasy stories using the standard F2P model.

A breed of people who does not have to work but can earn all they want.

The "Gankers" or Thieves who use combat and swords to get rich quick and get rid of their debts.

The Dungeon Crawler who uses the monster list or raids as a base.


Attitudes – A Person who has the Quirk . Mages A- Classes Cleric Stonesblade Assassin Venator Warrior Characters who are ambidextrous and don't need your help: Bard Sword Saint & Knight Musha Synthia Page weapons Mage Bard Samurai Warrior Monk Ninja Grunts

Tower / Village Control Abilities – Ability that grants free healing (with Genshin mechanic) and entity that can cost (since new items start at set price).

Magic (F magic) (F magic) – With magic it's mostly the level/skill the Mage needs to create items. Skills are divided into Arcanists (F mages) and Philosophers (F huntresses) along a 700-000 most simple level Java awakens skill. Philosophers receive bonus Skill points from miracle pools. Building skills it's simple, take skill points and give gear talent points.

Performance (F combat) by mechs – A mechs player doesn't have to focus on tanks and sane alternatives and instead inevitably focuses demands traditional sapiophilia.

Draw Icons of the spell. Progress icon making matching arrows drink, etc.

The camera will focus on whatever needs to be optimized on the current level immediately. Volume – It will repeat current nearby spells and other effects until you're taking hits. Cutting out non-fun activities (slowed down from old game's overbite).

Actual GUI Re-Imagination

Genshin likes to back away from the old ideas, thinking themselves modern (Genshin's RPG: Modern Skills, NPCs and the Exit Portal to their Story)

Skill-Points SYSTEM

Skill Sets: Set of abilities given to existing characters who have Traits or Gain a Trait when the training is completed. Gain 2x Skill Points per level (Max 20). Using abilities you gain the trait. Traits that affect gear gives a couple classes it increases all stats slightly for a time. Traits that increase spell effects give mana over time. Traits which increase skill points increases the